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Mr.Prabhakaran, MD of this company founded M/s Sush Enterprises in 1996 with an aim of producing high-quality voltage stabilzers to ensure the safety of home appliance equipment affected by voltage fluctuations used in every household. We serve customers by protecting their home appliances as well as industrial products. Our production facility coupled with the latest equipment allows us to offer competitive pricing and timely delivery. Our robust quality system assures you of top-quality products. As a company focused on research and development, the products shown on our site are indicative not only of the items we offer but also of our capabilities.

The company's reputation has been founded on pure devotion and a never-ending effort to better understand its customers. Our Stabilisers under the Hi-Defend brand continues to captivate the hearts of people across the country with strong quality control procedures, dependable products, brilliant people, and a responsible company attitude. Stabilizers designed by us are accessible for all appliances in your home to provide superior facilities with good output outcomes. In order to cover every nook and cranny of the country, Hi-Defend Stabilser has a broad network of distributors, direct dealers, merchants, and service centres.As we move forward, brand Hi-Defend stabilser will strive to remain relevant and aspirational in a world that is getting younger by the day. In order to enrich consumer lives, the objective is to comprehend human life and its relationship with the tools and appliances he uses, and to create a seamless experience of deliberately built items.


To become the most successful & respected brand in India by manufacturing technically superior & innovative products driven by integrity and teamwork ensuring stakeholder & customer delight.


To provide high quality products that combine performance with value , while establishing a successful relationship with our customers and suppliers. To strive in providing high-quality products and services through continuous business process improvements and cost effective solutions. To stay ahead of the competition by innovating new products and services based on the needs of our customers and market demand. To create a company that can attract, recruit and retain smart and talented employees.


Innovative - As an industry leader, we have always worked to develop cutting-edge technology and novel approaches.

Trustworthy - Our professional teams are hand-picked for each customer, and each team is made up of highly skilled and trustworthy individuals.

Core Values -Leadership entails being the market leader for all of our products.

Strive for Excellence - Constantly enhance business processes, products, and services with an emphasis on how to run more effectively, efficiently, and user-friendly. Commitment entails keeping our word while displaying moral and ethical ideals in all aspects of corporate operations.

Fair pricing - We do not charge unfair or deceptive prices for our items.


Quality is integral to all our processes; we believe that it is critical to the success of our business. The key elements of our approach to Quality are based on utilization of best input materials, stringent process adherence and robust testing methods. Our Inspection verifies the quality, specifications, functions, safety of your products, as well as the compliance of the products with relevant to the prescribed standards.

What our customers says?


“I'm a dealer of Hi-Defend for the past 25 years and the quality of the product is better than the competitors.”


- MD Insta Cool

“We buy our stabilisers from Hi-Defend regulary and Iam very satisfied with the product.”

Prince Lazarus

- Grace Air conditions

“ I have recommended Hi-Defend stabilisers to many of my friends too and they have all been happy with the performance of this product.”

Mohan Kumar

- Madras University

“I buy all TV stabilisers from Hi-Defend in the last 25 years and my customers have no issues with the product quality.”


- TV Technician

“ I personally recommend Hi-Defend stabilisers to all my customers due to its reliability and long life.”

Ghouse Basha

- Basha Engineering

“ I have Hi-Defend stabiliser fixed for my AC for the past 16 years and is working fantastically without any complaint.”

Rajagopalan Nair

Retd. GM (Pvt company)