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Hi-Defend voltage stabilizers maintain an output voltage range of 200V – 240V (±5%) that is safe for appliances.

The installation is so easy as the product has designed such that it can install easily. Any local electrician in your area can install the stabilizer. Kindly refer to the user guide delivered with the product.

Firstly, keep in mind that the stabilizer has 2 in-built MCBs. One MCB is for an emergency that is changeover MCB. It is always advisable to keep changeover MCB off and use only C-series MCB with stabilizers (mainly C-40 or C-63).

Kindly share the picture and videos of the product and display.

Sorry, we don’t have any physical service center.

Our warranty period is 1- year that is free of cost.

For the replacement, first, you need to send a picture and video of the product display. You can also get a replacement by returning the defective piece to the seller who sold it to you.

Our stabilizer price range starts from a minimum of Rs. 2000. You can choose according to your budget.

Yes, Hi-Defend AC stabilizers are suitable for ACs upto 1.5 tons.

Time Delay is a system that helps compressors to get time for proper balancing during power cuts due to voltage fluctuations.

Hi-Defend stabilizers have an initial time delay of 5 – 10 seconds.

The difference just lies in the material of the transformer within stabilizers. Rest, the functioning, and features of both are the same.

No, Ac stabilizers are specially designed for Air Conditioners. Using it with the mainline will create an issue in the working of the stabilizer and eventually end up in the misuse of the product.

Mainline stabilizers should be connected to the main power line of the house.

For all home appliances, you should invest in Mainline stabilizers.

Ac stabilizers are specially designed for Air conditioners whereas mainline stabilizers are designed for mainline connection. Mainline stabilizers are suitable to protect all home appliances.